John offers compelling delivery of the scripts with attention to detail. He understands when he is speaking about your company, product or service, he's representing you to the listeners. John has a wide vocal range and offers a large variety of styles, accents and characters. John is frequently called upon to provide character voices for other producers' work. Take a moment to listen to John's demos. Every voice you hear... even the singing chickens are performed by John.

Q: Who's the favorite character you've created or played?


A: "It's got to be 'Louie DaGizmo'. He's this 'Goodfellas' kind of guy that pops up in some of my production. He's kind of a Joe Pesci meets Lou Costello character.


Q: Biggest gripe with voice-overs today?


A: "The strained delivery people give to try and be sharp and edgy. Most of them don't do it well and they sound like they need a throat lozenge or to take a laxative."

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