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Voice Over Marketing Mastermind Group Application

Here's What You Get as a Member

  • 3 Full Day Master Teleconferences with whole group and Special Advanced Marketing Strategy Presentation (Dates To Be Determined)

  • Monthly Check In Calls with Group for Accountability and Progress Updates (DatesTo Be Determined)

  • 6 Hour long 1 on 1 calls with me (Scheduled individually)

  • Access to exclusive Marketing Newsletter with ideas, examples and exclusive resources

  • A "Voice-Over" Definition T-Shirt

  • Exclusive MIKE!® The Microphone Lapel Pin

I know What You're Thinking

I remember the first Mastermind Group I ever joined was $300 per month (a princely sum for me at that time in my business!)

I remember wondering how I would afford it, but I also intuitively knew that I would benefit from having other people see opportunities in my business. Opportunities that I was too close to see for myself.

...And then implementing the ideas the group gave me.

I know you're asking yourself ... "Should I do this? Will this be worth it?" or something like that...

I've found those questions are really smokescreens for the true underlying questions you may have...

"Do I trust myself to actually maximize this opportunity and fully implement what I will learn?"

"Will I make the most of this opportunity THIS time?"

If your answer is anything but an emphatic "YES!" please don't sign up.

Experience has told me the people who join a mastermind group with any sort of hesitation eventually decide it isn't for them and ask to leave the group. Frankly, that's disruptive to how the group functions as a whole and it's expensive for you. Save yourself the 2 or 3 month's membership dues and bow out now.

What's the Investment?

I'm not going to ask you for $300 a month, but you do need to invest something. I've found that people (myself included) are better students and better implementers when they have something on the line - some skin in the game.

Think about it. How many "FREE" Special Report PDF Downloads do you have on your computer right now that you have NEVER read? I know I have a pile of them that I'm going to read "someday". How about you?

That's how we value "Free" information.... We rarely give it the attention it deserves.

We have to strike a balance between a real stretch and Free....

So with that in mind, the Monthly investment to join and be a member of the Voice Over Marketing Mastermind is only $179 per month and I ask you make a 12 month commitment, not only to me, but to the other members of the group.

Joining a Mastermind Group was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. Just ONE idea from that Mastermind Group turned into a 6 figure business idea that still continue to earn money from to this day. Well worth the $3,600 ($300 X 12) investment.

I can't promise you'll have the same results. You will have to do some work. It will not be handed to you.

But I CAN Promise you this:

You will gain insights into your present business you've never had before. Opportunities you've never seen will be developed. You will enjoy working with and supporting others all with the mutual goal of growing and supporting each others businesses.

This experience isn't for everybody and those who have a limited vision of the success they can achieve may believe this is too much of a stretch. 

But I know once you are a member and participating in all the great ideas and exchanges from a mastermind group you will see it is well worth this investment.

Please Fill out the Application below and we will follow up with you after all the applications are received.


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Please complete the application and submit this form as soon as possible. You may print and fax your application securely to my inbox to: 815-550-1212.

We're looking forward to making this one of the most valuable learning and business building experiences you've ever had!