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Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income

Podcast Intros and Outros

What do Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Podcast, Amy Porterfield from the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast and Michael Stelzner from the Social Media Examiner Podcast,and DOZENS of other highly successful podcasters All have in common? They all had John Melley voice and produce their custom Podcast Intros and Outros for them! Now, you can too. Learn More.

Voice Over Business Coaching/Marketing

John Offers consulting services to fellow voice over professionals to help them grow their businesses. He offers these services through either 1 on 1 coaching, and/or group mastermind opportunities.

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To explore 1 on 1 coaching opportunities with John, please email: mike@johnmelley.com


"The secret to producing a good spot is being able to hear what you want it to sound like in your head, and then creating it." John's music studies have helped him develop an ear for good production composition. John uses music to set the tone for your commercial, weaving in sounds and, most importantly, the delivery of the scripted copy to convey an effective message to the listener. Sometimes the best way to do that is not to have any music or sound effects at all. Silence can be an effective attention-getter.

Q: What's your favorite type of spot to produce?

A: "Probably a concert promotion or an album release. There's a lot of creative editing to do to work in the information about the concert or album between the music. Concert spots are fun because you're adding crowd sound effects and reactions to the music. It makes you sound like you're part of something big."


John offers compelling delivery of the scripts with attention to detail. He understands when he is speaking about your company, product or service, he's representing you to the listeners. John has a wide vocal range and offers a large variety of styles, accents and characters. John is frequently called upon to provide character voices for other producers' work. Take a moment to listen to John's demos. Every voice you hear... even the singing chickens are performed by John.

Q: Who's the favorite character you've created or played?

A: "It's got to be 'Louie DaGizmo'. He's this 'Goodfellas' kind of guy that pops up in some of my production. He's kind of a Joe Pesci meets Lou Costello character.

Q: Biggest gripe with voice-overs today?

A: "The strained delivery people give to try and be sharp and edgy. Most of them don't do it well and they sound like they need a throat lozenge or to take a laxative."


John works with you to create a script in concert with your business' goals and current marketing strategy. He reviews your printed materials and web site and incorporates your themes into an effective message. John believes the best scripts simply tell people what THE product or service is and how/where they go to get it.

Q: Why 'THE' product or service?

A: "The reason 'THE' is emphasized is the script should focus on one product or service, 2 at the most. The most successful ad campaigns do this. People move in and out of your target market constantly. Not everyone is in the market for your product or service each day. You need to be on the air on a regular basis talking about how great your product or service is, so when the listener moves into your target market, they think of you. Then they hear the ad and go to your web site or call you. How the message gets delivered, i.e. serious, humorous, etc. depends on a lot of things, but the listener should know your product/service and your name at the end of 60 seconds. If you offer more than one or two products or services, create another commercial for it and put it into rotation with the first one. Just be sure your message gets out enough times for it to register with people."