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About John Melley

John is the Production Director for Boston's award winning* Mix 104.1 (WBMX). John's reputation for creating effective radio commercials that sell for the station and its clients continues to grow.

Prior to joining Mix in December of 2001, John worked at Boston's Original Oldies station, Oldies 103.3 (WODS) from 1994 to 2001. John has also worked at other radio stations in the Greater Boston area. He has experience working on many freelance projects for Television, political candidates, Non-Profit Art Centers, and the business community.

John is known throughout the Boston area and nationally for the great character voices he uses in commercials, promotions and announcements. Writing the copy for many of his clients allows him to be creative, using straight or character voices, music and sound effects.

John has an extensive music background, having studied piano, clarinet and saxophone and he has played in numerous ensembles. He is now studying the drums. His knowledge of music helps him with his production in that it has trained his ears to "hear where the edits make sense."

Another reason his commercials have been so successful may be that John comes from a family business background. He's been at the shop before sunrise and gone home long after sunset. He understands the many hats business owners wear to develop their businesses. He knows how they "butter their bread" and their need to have the most effective campaign possible.

John is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and lives in the Boston area.

Here's a few pictures of me with various odd n' sundry people.

Cast of The Land of Totally Different with Nancy CartwrightYours Truly with Brad Garrett - I'm 5' 11George Ross from Donald Trump's Apprentice and Me
Just Hangin' with the guys from American ChopperStudio shot of me with Brad GarrettAnother Studio Shot of me with Brad GarrettEd Asner and me after working on a script together
Vanessa Marshall and me working on a script

* Radio & Records 2003 & 2005 Station of the Year (Hot A/C)

* Billboard/Monitor 2003 Station of the Year (Adult Top 40)