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    Funny Reactions to Twitter

    Jun/01/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    Today after much trepidation, I opened a Twitter account. I must admit I didn't know what to expect and really did it because I felt I should in order to learn about what's going on in the world of communication.

    That's what I do... and I want to stay current, as best as I can.

    I had to figure out what all the Twitter Terms meant. Twitter has its own language. So after I set it up I sent out an email to some people in my address book and the results have been fascinating. Some of the comments have been downright laugh out loud funny!

    I'm not sure I "get this" social media stuff either, but here are the results:

    After 4 hours I have 8 "Followers" - which is kind of a creepy term if you ask me, but I didn't make it up.

    I've received 2 job offers for voice over services - very cool.

    And I received a number of messages politely declining my offer...

    And I got a bunch of emails with some very funny comments pretty much along the line of "I don't Twitter and here's why." I have removed the names to protect their identities but these are fun. You've gotta read these....
    Hi John –

    I'm not on it I'm still trying to master the hammer and chisel!
    Ok.... Here's the reply from one of my best clients:
    "Hi, John:
    Glad to see you're young enough to want to participate in the vapid void.
    I myself see no point in it.  <On coffee break at Starbucks.>  Knew you'd want to know that.
    But my daughter is a professional PR person specializing in social media for her clients.
    I'm surrounded, out-gunned, and may have to give up my grumpy ways.
    <BTW I like my grumpy ways>  Knew you'd want to know that too.

    As for business, I need...."
    Here's one from a former employer I've stayed in touch with over the years.
    "Not on it and I frankly don't 'get it' everytime it is explained. Unless I have someone counting cards for me at a nearby table, planning a military maneuver, or really care so much about someone else that I need to know in real time the short highlights of their lives like—just sneezed and almost hit a squirrel—I'm not sure why I want to hear the newest happenings in anyone else's activities as it is happening.  

    It is even worse when I think of someone like you---I'd get 15 different messages from the various personalities about the same event – it would be like a bad cartoon:  the anatomy of re-taping a script  as experienced real time from 15 different voices.  But hey—thanks for the invitation.
    Jeepers Mister! I only work on good cartoons ;-D but here's his follow-up, perhaps feeling a twinge of remorse over the previous message:
    Eric says you may be rusty at sarcastic humor and the dead squirrel will feel happier than you after my reply. So disregard everything in last email after “ I don’t do it and I don’t get it.“
    Beautiful... priceless.

    This one is from my Bride, The Lovely Ann. I'm comfortable sharing this because she's so openly "not into the Social Media thing."

    "Oh please, I can't even text."

    Thanks, Babe. Here's a polite "No"
    Thanks John, but if you don't mind I'll stick to your
    blog page.  I have friends that want me on Twitter, Facebook and
    Linked In and I don't participate on any of these sites.  Hope you
    understand.  Trust you had plenty of Lob-Sta while in Maine over
    Memorial Day.  Lucky you!
    Yeah, lucky me... did you watch this video yet? Click here to see how I spent Memorial Day Weekend.

    Here's another comment:
    Hi John, Never even been on it.   I'm really trying to curb all of this facebook/myspace/twitter stuff.   I'm on youtube and that alone eats up a huge chunk of my day as I make vids and watch vids.

    But, I'm open to anything that can bring me some income. I think it's just a matter of so many people doing vo and it just waters down your odds if you don't have an agent.
    Then I got this:
    Hi John,
    Glad to hear from you. We are working on a video for which I will need a voice talent. Are you interested in working with me again? It's almost a 3 minute long video... not ready yet.  If interested, I will share it with you when ready.
    ps: I didn’t know you are in Boston. I was just visiting my brother in Weymouth and worked at the Parker House Hotel back in 2000-2001. I love Boston!


    Answer to his question. Yes, I'm interested in working with you again on another project. Maybe this Twitter/Facebook stuff ain't that bad afterall.

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Jun/01/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    This is how I spent most of my Memorial Day Weekend, cutting grass in my Father in law's back yard in Maine. Great exercise! (Note the hearing protection.)

    My New Twitter Thing-a-ma-jig

    Jun/01/2010 | Posted by John Melley

    Watch Sound Disappear Right Before Your Ears!

    Mar/29/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    How can one sound affect another sound? Watch this quick video and hear what happens! Post your comments and feedback below!

    Adding Reverb to Voice Over Track

    Mar/11/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    This is the video I promised that would go into more detail about adding the reverb effect to a voice over track. Enjoy. Please feel free to add your comments and feedback below!

    Production Video Update

    Mar/10/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    Here's a quick update on the status of the next voice over and production video lesson.

    How To Create A Radio Commercial Part One

    Feb/27/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    This is the first in a series of short videos I created that shows you the steps I take in producing a radio commercial when the script is provided to me.

    In this video I give an overview of the process and the steps to be covered in the other videos.

    I'd love your feedback, please feel free to comment below.

    Radio Script Analysis

    Feb/27/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    In this entertaining video I review the script prior to recording to look for typos, clarity and to determine if it times out correctly... not too long, not too short, but juuuust right.

    Recording The Voice Over Track

    Feb/27/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    In this video I lay down the voice over for the script 3 times and explain a little bit why I do it the way that I am.

    Please feel free to comment.

    Editing The Voice Over Track and adding EQ

    Feb/27/2010 | Posted by John Melley
    I have 3 different versions to work with I'll choose the segments, or version I want to work with and edit it for time. I'll also punch up the sound to make it more rich and full.

    I'd love your comments and feedback.